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Sports: What They Are

The word “sports” covers such a wide array of activities that it is sometimes unbelievable that one word refers to so many things. Sports include everything from the popular, traditional ones like football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc. (all the “ball” sports) to NASCAR racing, gymnastics, swimming, track and field, weight lifting, rifle, and a host of others. Although some people broadly call themselves “sports-lovers,” this name is probably in most cases a misnomer because few people play or enjoy the complete range of sports. In many cases, even, there is serious animosity between the players and fans of certain sports and the players and fans of others.

How to Be a Sports-Lover

If you truly are a lover of sports and do not want to be someone that feels the need to criticize the athleticism or lack of in other sports, the best thing to do is educate yourself. Sports are extremely popular around the world, and most countries have a particular sport that they celebrate and love above all others. For example, in most Latin American countries, soccer is the reigning king of sports, while in the United States it is either football or baseball.

Sports are celebrated and enjoyed worldwide because it is way to unite people together and socialize. Whether you are actually playing a sport—as a kid, an amateur, or a professional—or only watching as a devoted fan, sports have the ability to excite, worry, and amaze. The fact that strong sport-related team loyalties can cause deep rivalries and conflicts between people and groups just shows the degree of sports’ influence in our culture. So, for all the sport lovers out there, go ahead and indulge yourselves. Celebrate, socialize, let off some steam, have some fun. Whether you are only the casual sports fan or the devoted, crazed sports maniac, sports has something to offer you. Go to games, watch them on TV, read information in magazines or on the web. Get involved in the world of sports and become a kid again.