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Sport junkies are everywhere because sports and athletics are such a popular activity and diversion for many people. It is common for many kids to start playing multiple different sports as young as age three or four, and this interest in athletics often continues all the way through the school years and beyond. However, players are not the only people who are sports junkies. There is an equally large--if not larger--segment of the population that is interested in the spectator-only aspect of athletics, following the successes and trials of their favorite sports, teams, and players. Sports junkies sometimes become so involved in the world of sports that this one interest can supersede all others. They look for any and every reason possible to watch, read about, or go to sporting events, even creating their own social organizations made of others who share their interests.

Options for Sport Junkies

Sport junkies can feed their interest in athletics in many different ways. The activities chosen will depend on whether the sports junkies like to personally participate in the sports or only watch as fans. It is easy to participate in sports during the school years because there are both community and sports teams, but the opportunities for participation become more limited in college and beyond. Although professional teams are out of reach for most people, there are still many different community options for those who want to continue playing. Co-workers often get together to organize teams, churches frequently sponsor teams and tournaments, and there are other community sports organizations, as well.

Other sport junkies prefer to read about or watch their favorite teams and players. Channels like ESPN and magazines like _Sports Illustrated_ give fans detailed information about the sports they love. If you are really interested in watching the success of a particular team up close, it is well worth your while and expense to invest in season tickets. Not only will you receive additional perks because of your regular attendance, but you will also save money.

Fantasy sports leagues are another way for sports junkies to satisfy their need. It gives you the sense of being personally involved in the progress and success of teams and players. The Internet is a great place for sports junkies to look for information, stories, and sports involvement. There are fan club websites, chat rooms, websites devoted to specific teams or sports, news, etc.--anything that a serious sports junkie could want.

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