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Obsession Serious Issue in Sports

Sports obsession is becoming an increasingly common problem in today's society, partly because sports and athletics occupy such a prominent position in our lives. It is common for children to begin sports as early as age three and continue all the way through high school or beyond. Many times, children do not only play one sport, either. Typically, devoted athletes play at least one sport every season, never having a break or a moment to relax. Sports obsession is an issue among non-athletes, as well. Many sports fans are so committed to their favorite players and teams that they will go to great lengths to do whatever it takes to support them and be there. Although all this participation and fan support sounds harmless, the reality is that it can grow into a sprots obsession that is not only problematic but also sometimes dangerous.

Dangers of Sports Obsession

When young children are the athletes in question, generally the sports obsession is not theirs but their parents. Many parents feel a strong urge to help their children succeed athletically, reaching the levels of performance that they were never able to themselves. In a way, they want to see their own sports dreams fulfilled in their children. If the parent is just supporting what the child wants and maintains a healthy balance between sports and other aspects of the child's life, chances are that there will not be any problems. However, many times the parents' sports obsession can get out of hand and they can push their children too hard, wanting them to succeed at all costs. Everyone has heard the stories of parents attacking umpires or other parents, berating other child athletes, or just causing general disturbances. These are clearly instances of a problematic and dangerous sports obsession.

From the fan perspective, it is often not as violent if a sports obsession arises, although there are always exceptions. Some people sacrifice many other aspects of their lives in order to be at those special games or support their teams in other ways. Sports betting sometimes results from this sport obsession, which can get a person into serious financial difficulties. The overwhelming importance that some fans place on their favorite sports can cause problems with relationships, poor work performance, or anger issues. Although this is not always the case, it is important to be aware of your relationship to sports and to guard against becoming someone with a serious sports obsession.

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